Equal Rights are Meant for All not Some!

"Equal Rights" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Equal Rights” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward



4 Replies to “Equal Rights are Meant for All not Some!”

  1. Exactly!! ROFL!! Love all the equal male bald heads.

    Those that belong to the in-group that has power, cannot conceive of those in the out-groups desiring equality except as an expression of rebellion.

    Thus, Churches run by men cannot conceive of the women desiring equality – except as rebellion. “Surely, they would not go against God’s Word – the apostles were all male.”

    Yet, “In Christ Jesus, there is neither male nor female” is written in the Letter to Galatians. What an incredible statement! But it is explained away by the churches run by men.

    Power is addictive. It is a wonderful liquor. It seems especially drinkable for men.

    Fortunately, the few women that attend church (that I know) all ignore the power-difference. They attend for the network of friends. They ignore the power games.

    And thus, it appears there are two churches: the male power-dominated church; and the female network-dominated church.

    In light of Jesus’ words, ‘The greatest among you shall be the servant of all’… I now lean towards the female network-dominated church as being the most alive.

  2. People like that have been apex predators for so long that any hint of leveling the playing field seems like oppression and persecution to them.

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