Are You a World Changer?

"A Better Place" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“A Better Place” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Unfortunately, “better” is subjective.

Some people think the world would be a better place if it was all Christian or all white or all male or all polluted or all destroyed.

Better means better for all. That’s not subjective.


(I believe we change the world by changing ourselves. I help people do that.)


5 Replies to “Are You a World Changer?”

  1. Yeah, cause if all the world were Christian white and male, then humanity would die out within a generation. And if there were no white, male Christians, who would there be to blame for everything? :).

    Better if all polluted or all destroyed? Sorry, you lost me on that one – who’s saying that?

    But yeah – should mean better for everyone. Absolutely!

    I remember going to visit the Imperial War Museum in London and seeing the holocaust exhibit. I was prepared for what I saw there with the victims and the horror of that. What caught me by surprise what the compassion I felt for the prison guards in the concentration camps – for how the evil in what they were doing dehumanised them.

    Better for all – that must mean for us, our families and our peers as well as those we wouldn’t ordinarily associate ourselves with. Right?

  2. And really, only a few gay men think would think it’s better with no women, and maybe Jesus if Thomas 114 is to believed.

    But the number of people thinking it would be better if it were all destroyed or polluted is to small to even meaningfully discuss outside of there psychological treatment. These sorts of statements are ridiculous and don’t help us understand others. If Bernie Sanders had his youthfull dreams fulfilled then the world would be filled with communist death camps but I don’t think he hoped for genocide nor his many voters, they are just ignorant. People like him and conservative Christians don’t need to be demonized they need to be educated.

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