Belief Fluid

"Belief-Fluid" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Belief-Fluid” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


I feel no need to reject
all I have been,
all that I am,
or all that I will be.

For within me
unites all that is,
and love’s the substance
that makes it so.

(Do you feel drawn to be belief fluid? Need help? Talk with me.)


3 Replies to “Belief Fluid”

  1. It is healthy to hold onto beliefs lightly.

    A deconstruction on being “belief fluid” of course show that to be a belief in itself which could become a self identifying limitation or delusion.

    It’s easy to delude oneself. I say that as someone who thinks that the whole world would be much better run if things went the way I say they should.

    Please feel free to deconstruct that belief 😉

  2. Jack, you wrote: “It is healthy to hold onto beliefs lightly” but then moved towards “It’s easy to delude oneself.”

    I hold to my beliefs lightly, because there is a amazing world out there to experience, and beliefs/philosophies evolve based on so many interactions.

    I lean towards the idea that Deconstruction is intertwined with Reconstruction, sometimes simultaneously, with each evolving and feeding off each other.

    There is little need for delusion… and in my experience, our delusions were shattered many times over… so we that are older tend to just ignore the argument of positioning ‘Holding beliefs lightly’ with ‘Deluding Oneself’.

    Rather, I offer that ‘holding beliefs lightly’ is simply healthy. Allow beliefs to evolve is simply healthy.

  3. Hey Caryn,

    From what you say, it seems we are in agreement about delusion. I don’t think there is an inconsistency between stating it being healthy to hold onto beliefs lightly and it being easy to be deluded. I think the two assertions compliment each other.

    Hard to communicate humour in text sometimes. When I talked about deconstructing the belief that the world would be better run if they went the way I say they should, I was making fun at my own expense. Of course that would be easy to deconstruct and with some of the crazy ideas I come out with sometimes, I’m glad I don’t run the world haha.

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