The Z-Theory: A Theological Prolegomenon for Anyone


Thanks for your support in purchasing the first iteration of my essay on my Z-Theory.

This is important to me because I believe it provides a way for believers (of any religion), agnostics, and atheists, to understand that it is only language that seems to separate, divide us, and blind us to our essential unity.

This isn’t a theology so much as an introduction to it. Hence, prolegomenon.

The dream I had in May of 2009 changed everything. Immediate peace of mind settled in, relieving me from decades of mental anguish and theological torment, and it has never left.

I hope the same for you too.

(This is why I think The Lasting Supper is so rich… because it is very diverse but we enjoy our unity. I invite you to join us. CLICK HERE!)

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  1. It should either be “(a) prolegomenon” (singular) or “prolegomena” (plural).

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