Cartoon for Happy New Year 2018!

"Happy New Year 2018" cartoon by David Hayward
“Happy New Year 2018” cartoon by David Hayward


It’s New Year’s Eve!

2017 was, for me and many others I know, a very rough year. There are some things that are beyond our control. But not everything is. Can we find ways to maintain our mental and spiritual health in the midst of crises? I think so.

So, why not start the year out on a good footing?

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One Reply to “Cartoon for Happy New Year 2018!”

  1. Yes absolutely agree that we can find ways to maintain spiritual and emotional health in the midst of crisis.

    Sorry to hear you have had a tough time David. What I have shared has been tough for me. However I am also looking at it as a time of growth and for that reason I am grateful for the experiences, for the opportunities they have afforded me for that. To be better equipped in the likelihood of facing anything similar and being more free to love and be loved.

    I hope that is an encouragement.


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