Is the choice Church or Hell?

"Church or Hell" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Church or Hell” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


According to this pastor, that is your only choice.

There are a lot of people who struggle with this. The fear is real.

I know: I’ve been there, and now I coach people through the transition beyond the fear.

Let’s say you’ve been given a pill since birth. Every day. They say it keeps you alive. They say you will die is you stop taking it. But into your 20’s you start questioning. You want to make the decision to quit the pill, but the fear is overwhelming. Why not just keep taking it? What’s the harm in it? But then why take it if it really isn’t doing anything to help me? But what if they’re right and I do die?

You won’t die. But you have to work through the fear yourself. You have to move beyond the fear and into the truth.

And I believe you can. I see many people doing it.



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  1. So with this character, you liken what had been his attachment to the pastor and his church as drug addiction and him moving on with fear of the unknown to withdrawal symptoms. I hear you what you say with you know and you have been there.

    I believe you.

    If there is a moving into the truth, what is truth? In your essay about Z theory – “A THEOLOGICAL PROLEGOMENON FOR ANYONE” you write “God does not exist as existence is perceived.” People have debated for centuries about whether God exists or not and I doubt if there will be any undisputable objective conclusion that all can agree on anytime soon about that. Based on your argument, you don’t believe in the existence of God. This is the truth as you perceive it. Of course, for the believer, God does exist and that being the truth as they perceive it. Obviously, if it could be objectively proven that God exists there would be no need for faith. It could be argued that it takes something like faith to hold to the perception that God does not exist.

    So the character in this cartoon may stay in the church out of fear, under the authority of the sadistic pastor with the smug look in his face while the thinks with glee of the alternative with the character being in a firey torment. Or he might leave, lose his faith and find something to fill the void left by the church and the pastor. Or he might find his faith deepening and maturing whether he stays with the existing pastor and church, moves to a different church or decides not to attend church.

    Whatever we perceive to be the truth about God, I think there is some things we all can agree on, believers and anyone who doesn’t believe in the existence of God and that is that it is self evident that all are born equal and with dignity and it’s best if everyone relate to each other as part of the human family. And in that light treating others with love and grace and how one would like to be treated can be no bad thing.

    Perhaps this could go some way to allaying any fears in uncertain times?

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