Are Ideas More Important Than People?

"Ideas Over People" cartoon by David Hayward
“Ideas Over People” cartoon by David Hayward


I’m personally happy about how many people showed up for the marches yesterday.

I believe these marches are protesting for the rights of all people. That’s a good thing.

If our ideas are exclusive, marginalizing, discriminating, divisive, and damaging, then people don’t matter.

When people matter, such marches happen.


One Reply to “Are Ideas More Important Than People?”

  1. I don’t get it.

    You are happy about the number of people marching yesterday but the people marching in your cartoon are trampling over the one holding a sign proclaiming love for people.

    Your message from what you have written is that if our ideas are damaging, there needs to be opposition to them. And from what you have drawn is that militancy that crushes people is equally damaging.

    I agree on both counts. The antidote to either must surely be love that is stronger than pride and in that light being as cognisant about responsibilities as rights.

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