Are Questions Keeping You Up At Night?

"Questions Keeping You Up" cartoon by David Hayward
“Questions Keeping You Up” cartoon by David Hayward


I remember the biggest turning points in my spiritual walk when I was beset with troubling questions.

The thing is, these questions… such as the existence of Hell or even God… were life and death questions.

They literally kept me awake at night.

Finally, in 2009 to be exact, peace of mind came and it’s never left. I’m so grateful.

So now, I love helping people journey through the difficult questions and come to that same place of peace. I’m working with some people right now actually, and they are grateful too.

Talk with me.


5 Replies to “Are Questions Keeping You Up At Night?”

  1. Perfect love does indeed cast out fear if we had the answer to every question, what opportunity would there be for learning new and interesting things?

  2. I think our relationship with questions is very telling: if we need strong anchors, then we need strong answers.

    And so, the endless explaining begins….

    If we need fewer anchors, then we need fewer questions that must have ‘an answer’.

    And then, we live life.

  3. Caryn.

    How about us all needing strong anchors – security, belonging etc. And when questions arise, how about all these anchors being found in the love of God?

  4. I would disagree, Jack.

    The Book of Galatians is basically about 2 approaches to Pauline Christianity: one that needs/wants many anchors, and one that needs only a few sea anchors.

    The first group (in Galatians) finds many anchors in the Law, not in the Love, of God.

    Some of the US anti-gay preachers are strongly in this first group – needing strong religious liturgy, many meetings, avoidance of counter-arguments, cult-like retreating in order for their ‘cure’ to work, etc.

    Over time, I came to realize that this first group cannot, and/or will not, operate in the Love of God. Their need for strong anchors over-rides any ability to progress to Love.

    I would love to agree with your thoughts, btw. But not all believers want their sea anchors to be within the love of God. šŸ™

  5. Not seeing why you are disagreeing there Caryn you talk of anchors of the Jewish law and of the love of God. I am talking about anchors of belonging and security etc being met in the love of God.

    Nevertheless, you make some valid points in reference to the book of Galatians and in keeping with fruits of the flesh vs fruits of the Spirit.

    Of course we all may want at particular times our “anchors” to be in either and we may think we have them in the Spirit but have them in the flesh and this be in our sub conscience until situations or someone else brings this to our awareness!

    So sometimes it’s about us and not those nasty Christians we disagree with!

    Glad that you would love to agree!

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