Are You Feeling Weighed Down?

"Weighed Down" cartoon by David Hayward
“Weighed Down” cartoon by David Hayward


Weighed Down

there’s nothing wrong with anchors
if you want to stay in place
firmly grounded and fixed
on a solid foundation

but what if you want to fly free?
then you will know what it’s like
to be weighed down
by the heavy expectations of others

don’t accept this lesser gift
instead use the wings you’ve been given
to survey the bird’s eye view
and breathe the mountainous air of your ecstasies

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One Reply to “Are You Feeling Weighed Down?”

  1. Hmm how about rising on a thermal and soaring like an eagle without having to make any effort to fly?

    I’m struggling a bit with this one as an anchor I have always perceived as a symbol of stability, as in keeping a ship anchored in a storm. But then I see how you might want to put across a message of what might feel like an anchor is holding you down.

    Yeah some things that have been a comfort in the past can be things that hold back progress. There’s a reason why we all stopped crawling and began to walk when we could.


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