Do I Remind You of You?

"Do I Remind You of You?" cartoon by David Hayward
“Do I Remind You of You?” cartoon by David Hayward


Do I Remind You of You?

all the lies i told myself
to keep my fears at bay
have melted like the snow
and spring has sprung forth
to swallow me whole
and happy


2 Replies to “Do I Remind You of You?”

  1. Spring shoots are fragile and for sure, lies can offer protection from fear – for a while.

    I think we can all experience either – and the joy of seeing the first signs of the shoots.


  2. Awwwwww…. I can’t wait for spring already! LOL!

    But what “lies”?

    I recall telling myself that God would protect me from the economic swings …. and yes, that was a shattered later in life.

    But that was not a lie… it was a belief.

    And whereas ‘lies’ are often undone by truths, beliefs most often evolve or transform or refine.

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