Fulfilling Dreams: Theirs or Yours

"Fulfilling Dreams" cartoon by David Hayward
“Fulfilling Dreams” cartoon by David Hayward


This cartoon, as you can see, is four years old.

In some ways, it seems to have gotten worse.

However, more people are raising their voices and therefore more people are aware.

We hope.


One Reply to “Fulfilling Dreams: Theirs or Yours”

  1. Aside from the stereotyping of men as obsessed with sex and hindering to women fulfilling their potential with vitriol there is a good question being asked about fulfilment of dreams.

    If I do what I do out of approval from others then I find two things happen. 1. It’s exhausting, it’s impossible to gain the approval of everyone all the time. 2. It leads to a lot of stress and resentment towards people.

    On the other hand, I can’t expect the whole of the world to cater to my desires all the time. Trying to leads to a lot of conflict and acting if the world revolves around me, which it clearly doesn’t.

    So perhaps somewhere inbetween is a healthy place to be.

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