NEW Image of Christ “Jesus Cries” and a Story of a Boy

"Jesus Cries" drawing by David Hayward

“Jesus Cries” drawing by David Hayward



The boy cried out in the darkness of the night and within seconds his father was sitting on the side of the boy’s bed.

What’s the matter, son?

I had a sad dream, the boy sobbed.

Tell me about this dream.

I dreamed Jesus was crying.

Yes, that’s a sad dream. Why was Jesus crying?

Because Jesus cries. They say that every Sunday. The Lord Jesus Cries. Jesus is the Cries. He was crying because of all the mean things people are doing. Jesus has been crying for a long long time! And the tears are almost up to his nose. It makes me sad because he’s sad. I don’t want Jesus to drown in his tears.

Ah, yes. The Lord Jesus Christ. In love with his son’s heart, he chose not to instruct the boy, for the boy had said nothing wrong.

So the father consoled him. We will do some kind things tomorrow! This will stop his tears.


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