Offended by How Women Dress?

"Offended by Women" cartoon by David Hayward
“Offended by Women” cartoon by David Hayward



There was a young man who thought
that being spiritual meant
that no matter what
before him walked
that he should take offense.

Women were the worst for him
the way they dressed or didn’t
his eyes would bulge
his blood would boil
his member’d rise in a second.

It wasn’t too long until
he was always so incensed
so with a righteous lock
he hid in a box
just he and his laments.

The coroner revealed
the cause of death of course…
his brain had shrunk
his heart was gone
his neck stiff like a corpse.

Here’s the lesson to be learned:
the problem’s not “out there”…
it’s our own hearts
it’s our own thoughts
that need the greatest care.

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14 Replies to “Offended by How Women Dress?”

  1. Men dress? Do you know how many people think women are raping men as often as men rape women? Many people think women and men are the same. 86% of men are on the spectrum of colorblindness. 8% are colorblind. Women are not in the spectrum like .05% of women are colorblind. Men do not see the say women see, so how can anyone think we are the same?

  2. Should women not be held to a standard of dress? When it comes to being “offended” is it men that always need to check themselves?

    Seems to me that in business there is a standard of dress required. If I ever turned up on a customer site unkempt it would present a poor image of the company. How may time when a woman is offended do we question her? Do we ever withhold saying something out of fear of what might happen if we do at such a time?

  3. You made the assumption that when a woman is offended I was meaning about dress. I intended to mean offended generally about anything.

    I apologise if I didn’t make that clear.

    I am against making women fearful, angry and feeling vulnerable and I think there are messages that society id giving to women that they are oppressed (whether they are or not) that the source of the oppression is through men an the way to address that is to complain and shout. I think that is misogyny. And I think this is in need of addressing equally to the taking of offence by some men at how women dress.

    And yes I do think in some occasions that propriety for dress for women is appropriate, just as wearing a suit and tie for me would have been appropriate for being on a customer site. And I see nothing wrong with equally holding women to that standard at appropriate times and environments.

    Do you have a problem with any of this?

  4. You say we are talking about women being free to choose to wear what they want in the context of men not being offended by that. I am saying that I think in some occasions propriety for dress for women is appropriate just as equally as it would be for a man to wear a suit on a customer site to present a good image for the company. If a man turned up unkempt and a woman who was a customer took offence then should she be chastised for that? Do you have a problem with any of that?

    And by the way – yes I have been spoken to sharply by a woman at church who took offence to my not ironing a shirt. So in spite of your “come on man”, in the world I live in, I have experienced complaints form a woman about how I have dressed. .

  5. We’re talking about how women’s clothing has been totally sexualized, just like women have been. Objectified! You needing to iron your shirt or not show up with pee stains or holes in your shoes is an entirely different matter.

  6. Haha pee stains have never been an issue. Holes in shoes hmm I think yeah might have turned up in a pair which was on their last leg once. But hey I am not getting any younger, incontinance in the future could be something to have to cope with!

    Yeah women’s clothing has been sexualised and women have been throughout history sometimes women willfully taking part in that and regarding it as an expression of freedom e.g “slut walks”.

    I happen to think these do more to disadvantage women and titilate men who want to objectify women as sex objects but hey I am just a guy so what do I know and what gives me the right to have an opinion about “slut walks” right?

    As women’s clothing has become sexualised then all the more reason to encourage propriety in dress for women is ok and to discourage any pressure women may feel to dress in a sexualised manner if it’s unhelpful for women to do so wouldn’t you say?

  7. Interesting, you would not say there is reason to discourage pressure toward women for women to dress in a sexualised way.

    I though you were advocating for women to dress how they would like and for men to not take offence to that. And yet you would not discourage any pressure towards women for women to dress in a sexualised way.

    Seems it’s my turn to say it.

    Come on man! 😉

  8. In that case, better watch out for all those nuns dressed in habits then and keep them well away from all the nasty men. Ohh and by the way ban all men from watching the Sound of Music – you never know what might happen after putting them in temptations way like that 😉

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