Prayer from the Cell: “Mighty Tower”

"Prayer from the Cell: Mighty Tower" cartoon by David Hayward
“Prayer from the Cell: Mighty Tower” cartoon by David Hayward

I used to do these every Sunday, but I stopped years ago.

Some people have asked me to revive them. So I thought I might. Let’s see how it goes.

I took the title “prayers from the cell” as a play on ideas… like prayers from a prison cell.

Anyway, have fun!


4 Replies to “Prayer from the Cell: “Mighty Tower””

  1. LOL! A great play on words! Well done!

    I recall having so many answers years ago: “If you feel far from God, then guess who moved….” was one that comes to mind.

    But over time, the questions dominated the space… and 10% of the time, I had answers. 70% of the time, I had a thought that might encourage someone. 20% of the time, I had nothing.

    Nothing. No pat answers. No insight. They needed His closeness and comfort, and they had nothing. And all I could do was listen, and bear witness to the divine silence.

    Oh, I believe there is great power in listening… in hearing… in just standing with someone.

    But the days of ‘pat answers’ are long gone.

  2. How about these:

    You are not getting a signal because the fault is in the receiver not the transmitter.

    Don’t worry, Jesus is in the boat with you all you have to do is trust.

    You of little faith!

    And the slightly less endearing:

    You are guilty of the good old fashioned sin of pride.

    You need to submit!

  3. lol, Jack! Yes! I recall all those as well!

    Oh myyyy.. … and I probably said them all, years ago.

    Amazing how things have changed for me.

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