We Don’t Do Different

"Do Different" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Do Different” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward



4 Replies to “We Don’t Do Different”

  1. I think your cartoon extends to all humanity. However, Sheep so often mentally represent ‘the church’, in my mind. And yes, the radical outreach of Jesus is well documented in the gospels; and yes, the radical avoidance of ‘the church’ is well documented in the US.

    I guess I have changed over time. I have become more and more OK with the church setting boundaries like any club. The church is not a business that needs outsider insights and ‘new blood’. Their need for like-minded to gather, listen, and do nothing, will continue. Yet, I lean much more letting the churches go in peace – they will fade into history as their membership slowly becomes only their children… and those children will carry their ‘church flag’ only for one generation.

    I guess I no longer feel the need to ‘call the church back to following the example of Jesus’.

    Yet your cartoon is a good reminder. The rainbow will one day become its own club, with its own language, and own sense of avoidance.

    Perhaps we humans are more tribal than we wish to admit.

  2. Many of us are trying daily to ascend from tribalism. Change comes slowly for some, quickly for some and never for some.

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