2 Replies to “What Do Jesus and the Church Have in Common?”

  1. Oh man, that is so very accurate. But the vast majority who are enamored with the Christian religion just can’t see it. As a former pastor in some of the evangelical denominations in Canada when I started to see this truth I tried to guide the people who came to the church were I ministered. I got heavy resistance. I thought it would be a cakewalk to help them to see the light as I was beginning to see it. But the huge majority resisted and I was left looking for a different occupation, but I never lost the vocation of presenting Jesus to anyone and everyone who was authentically curious. There is no greater fun than to watch a person begin to see and accept that Jesus is so much better than they had been raised to believe. Most try to stay in the religion at first, but Jesus and the modern western institutional church are not compatible – plain and simple.
    Are there some individual congregations where Jesus and the local church are joyously united? Yes, I believe there are, but those are few and generall quite small.

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