wise up!

“Do not claim to be wiser than you are” (Romans 12: 16) is often used as an excuse for our stupidity. It is often used as a preventative for study, research, inquiry and intensive seeking for truth. In fact, we often exalt stupidity. When someone shouts louder with more confidence about something that is totally ludicrous, many marvel at the person’s faith.

Besides, this passage, “Do not claim to be wiser than you are” is written to the Roman congregation. Imagine that! These people must’ve been able to, at some level, understand this letter… one of the most perplexing of all the letters in the New Testament, and probably the most profound document in the entire bible. Luther claimed that if you understood Romans, you would understand all of scripture. Karl Barth wrote his commentary on Romans and shook the theological world forever. So Paul is probably encouraging already extremely wise people just to not let it go to their heads.

Let’s study, research, inquire, and seek for truth without fear!

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3 Replies to “wise up!”

  1. Ha! I thought I was responsible for my own stupidity! Now I’ve got a scripture and I can finally blame God for it. Thanks Dave!

  2. I don’t follow your analysis. I think you are giving this passage a much broader interpretation than it can support. Especially when I look at all of Romans 12. I think it means don’t pretend to be something you are not. Be humble. Be human.

  3. What I attempted to say was that this passage has often been used, in my personal experience, to console ignorance and discourage inquiry. I think you are right, that it is really about being humble and human. There are other passages I could’ve used, but I wanted to use one from Romans because they were a community of people who must’ve understood, at some level, the very complex letter Paul wrote to them.

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