A Few Odds and Ends

  1. I spent about 6 hours drawing this last night. It is charcoal on Arches 300 lb. coldpress watercolor paper, measuring 22″x30″ (57cm x 77cm).
  2. My friend Bill Kinnon wrote a raving review of my cartoon book nakedpastor101. You can read it HERE! <- click there!
  3. A very kind person wrote on my about page “All this talk about leaving organized religion. Come to my church. We’re not the least bit organized.” Thanks for the invitation! However, I argue that wherever people gather, there is some kind of organization, explicit or implicit, in the gathering. In my opinion, it often doesn’t matter about the liturgy, the polity, the structure, etc., although I would agree there are better ones than others. Even in a seemingly unorganized, unstructured, non-programmed community there can be all kinds of unhealthy treatments of other people.

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18 Replies to “A Few Odds and Ends”

  1. Exquisitely beautiful, David. Truly, I yearn to have this one so I’d better keep an eye out on your Etsy shop.
    (My post today features a full moon also 🙂

  2. hey lydia. thanks so much. and everyone else, for your comments. it is one of my personal favorites. i won’t be putting it up for sale online i’m afraid. i’m taking it into the gallery that represents me (unless someone buys it first! haha)

  3. kelybreez: probably not fair for such a short post. my point is that it doesn’t matter how many people or how organized it may seem, or vice-versa, there can still be serious issues.

  4. I’ve always been slightly curious about issues that would come up if a small group met in a home vs. a paid pastor w/ a church building. You have people involved in both settings!

  5. Beautiful art, David. You seem fascinated with cold, wintry environments. I live in one of those most of the year so it feels like home to me!

    Yes, I’m afraid that running a small home church soon replicates the problems of the larger version. It isn’t long before somebody is asked to organize activities for the children, snacks for the children, then somebody doesn’t like the subject matter of the adult study, somebody says it’s going on too long, too short, and where’s the music, we need somebody to play guitar, and who’s going to organize the prayer at the end, and why do the children interrupt us all the time when we’re trying to talk to God? On and on it goes until you are as sick of it as you were with the bigger regular church meeting.

    There is no solution but to break away and simply let your faith carry along with you wherever you go, hoping that a tiny bit of it will savour the world like salt in your baking. Isn’t that what Jesus asked us to do anyway, go out into the world, not hole ourselves up in a building and expect the world to come knocking at our holy door? —Sorry for the rant, but it helps at last to get some of this shit off my chest.—Crystal.

  6. And yet Crystal…Paul also encouraged us to not stop meeting together. So…what’s the answer? I think our churches (or meetings or whatever) are flawed because we’re flawed. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no love or compassion or support or joy in those meetings. We get hurt sometimes for sure (and I’ll add my name to the list of people who’ve been maimed by organized church). But in my experience (and I’m just sharing what’s happened to me) I’ve also had some amazing and beautiful times with my friends in my church family. I would be sad to have missed that out of a fear that something bad might happen to me again.

    We are supposed to be out there in the world (I’m a missionary so I definitely agree with that statement) but where do we go from there? Most people are desperate to be a part of something deeper and more profound than just themselves. A good church family that’s doing their best to love and follow Jesus, can be that.

    Anyhow…just my thoughts. God’s given me a good church family that blesses me. I work with street kids and our church has been amazing with them. So I’m thankful.

    David…one of my all-time favourites. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. I love the picture. I found this Sunday morning after rushing to get 4 kids ready for church only to have all of them fighting as we drove at 15 mph because the transmission didn’t want to shift correctly. I decided to skip Sunday School because I was late & generally ticked at the way the morning was going. I don’t know what it was about this picture, but it just seemed to hit a nerve. Maybe I was longing for the solitude of the scene and for a moment I was there. Thanks for sharing this work.

  8. The advantage to the small home-church model is that when the inevitable disagreements arise, you have an opportunity to resolve them in a non-bureaucratic way. When everyone is able to know and be friends with all of the other people involved in the disagreements, there is more potential for each person to see the others’ point of view and to genuinely care about their issues when they may not have seemed important otherwise. Differences can be resolved as a family, not requiring a hierarchial solution imposed by any particular sub-group.

  9. Yes Christine, you are absolutely correct, but that only happens when a small home church is allowed to operate the way the majority of the members want it to. If it is kept small enough and relevant enough to its members needs, it can be a wonderful (albeit not without problems, us humans being who we are) experience. I’ve been part of some like that. I guess I’ve been burned by a church bureaucracy that insisted on controlling what members studied, and on and on. I certainly don’t want to destroy anybody else’s concepts or attempts at such a structure( there goes that word again ) when each situation is different.

    Of course we are to meet together whenever possible, Ken, and I am hoping to find a group of like-minded believers for myself where I can again have that closeness and warmth and care that I have had in the past. I’m not rushing into it, though. Great talking to each and every one of you .—-Crystal.

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