a star wasn’t born

no important people cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

This is definitely my most popular Christmas cartoon to date! You can get a print of it here.

The story of Jesus definitely emphasizes his humble origins with peasants and foreigners attending. It wasn’t a photo op. Noticeably, there are no stars, heroes, luminaries, leaders or powerful people.

Those with power or influence missed it or opposed it.

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9 Replies to “a star wasn’t born”

  1. David: I totally forgot about the culture’s view of the shepherds… and how they were outcasts. As I recall, they were assumed to have sex with the sheep, and therefore, best assumed to be on auto-unclean status? Is that your understanding, as well?

    Much love in Christ for all that you are doing, especially during this holiday season; Caryn

  2. I hadn’t heard about the sex with the sheep, but I wouldn’t doubt it since rumors like that abound in some parts of Canada. I knew they were considered unclean because they were around dirt, manure and sick or dead animals all the time. Nor did they deal with money, but mostly bartered, which made them useless as a source of revenue.

  3. Of course this has always been the appeal to Christianity that unimportant people in this life can have importance in the “afterlife”. Christians were at one time oppressed and could take solace that a better (even eternal) world awaited them. This idea which had all sorts of currency within the Roman Empire has over time morphed into a new idea that if you don’t believe the right stuff in this life then you are unimportant in this life AND the “afterlife”.

  4. Similar rumours circulate in Australia and particularly New Zealand (there are more sheep in NZ than people…)

    This suggests a common cultural source – perhaps via the British empire?

  5. I’m Christian – and I really dislike the way the Church has manipulated and distorted Christianity…
    I’ve had countless arguments with “leaders” about how we aren’t to judge and tell people “you’re going to hell if you don’t accept what I accept”…

    Although I have to admit – having Faith is better than having nothing…hey if you don’t believe in God or any diety – that’s up to you…I guess it’s just what you experience in life right…???

  6. I’ve had arguments with a pastor about not needing to get those two wealthy people from those two other churches, and that it’s ok for the poor young man to come to our church.

    I lost the argument.

    The church lost me.

  7. ???

    What was the argument…??? That you didn’t need to tell the rich guys that they should join your church rather than someone else’s…??? Or was it about something else…??? Cause that’s a bit of a vague response…

    If it’s about which church you want to attend – you need one that challenges you without conflicting itself and placing itself above others…I’ve seen countless pastors place themselves and their churches above others…but I’ve met a few who acknowledge their faults and work on them…

    But to say “You must come to my church cause you’re rich” isn’t right…unless I misunderstood what you were trying to say…oO

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