Are you done with church?

"Done with Church" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Done with Church” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Lots of symbolism in this cartoon for me…

There was long road ahead.
Didn’t seem to take much with me.
I was in its shadow for a while.
Sophia, the female aspect of my inner self, came forward.
Freedom ahead!
I developed a healthier, less codependent, relationship with the church.

What more can you see in it?

Do you relate?

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7 Replies to “Are you done with church?”

  1. I thought for a while that my reconstruction and self-affirmation meant the end of my relationship with the church. Eventually I realized that is meant the end of the authority I gave the church in my life. For too long God and the church were synonymous. Not I see the church as a community of imperfection. Those who see it differently are the epitome of it. (PS – the thoughts these posts have provoked have been a big part of that journey. THANK YOU!!! Your cynicism is just as valuable as every theology book on my shelves.)

  2. She is clothed, David. In boots. And carrying her baggage with her.

    Yet in other Sophia, she is always unclothed, bare foot, and I recall some companions, rather than baggage.

    Is this the starting Sophia?

    Does she find light in leaving the church or in the cracks of light within the shadows of religion?

    In later drawings, she is not even near civilization…. does she also leave the company or community of humanity?

  3. Sometimes I could be done with the church. But how can I turn my back on the ones Jesus loves? If I am to love the world as a believer then should I not love the church too? I think it was Augustine who said, “the church is a whore, but she is still my mother’. The called out ones are imperfect,but we worship a perfect Savior who died for us.

  4. VanPastorMan,
    I do not understand how leaving institutional church equals turning your back on ones Jesus loves. Jesus made it clear that he was no fan and rebelled against the religious institutions man had created. Institutional church is an idol of man, it should be rejected as such. Institutional church and God’s Ekklesia are completely opposite things.
    As the Ekklesia of God, we must love the people who live on this earth with the love of Christ, expressed in words and deeds, while hating the broken and sinful systems of the world that war against the Kingdom of God.

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