Are you micro-managed by your micro-pastor?

"Micro-Pastor" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Micro-Pastor” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

At The Lasting Supper, we focus on exploring, experimenting, and exercising our own spiritual independence. Please come join us. I’ll personally welcome you.

This is thing I think I’m most passionate about. I believe in spiritual independence… the right to be autonomous and responsible for one’s own spirituality.

Unfortunately, too many pastors and churches attempt to control every aspect of their members’ lives.

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3 Replies to “Are you micro-managed by your micro-pastor?”

  1. There are some spiritual leaders where everything is either “halal” or “haram”, and down to the littlest nitty, gritty, including how to discipline and not discipline your wife. There also are spiritual leaders who want you to keep the Sabbath so that you have to pre-rip your toilet paper, etc. Then there are those who prescribe this kind of clothing and that kind of food and this guru or that one…

    It makes the moral law of the 10 commandments and loving God and neighbor, the freshest breath of air, ever.

  2. I LOVE that there are so many strings attached in this image David. So apt! thanks 🙂

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