Ashley Madison and cheating cartoon

"Ashley Madison" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Ashley Madison” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

The infamous infidelity site Ashley Madison, a website for people desiring an affair, was hacked. The accounts and personal information of over 37 million users has been compromised.

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7 Replies to “Ashley Madison and cheating cartoon”

  1. And therein lies the rub and irony, the hypocrisy of the human condition which is what makes the cheating complaint funny.

    It is interesting that it is a man that is depicted as the cheater. It is interesting that when as a woman a complaint is being made about not being safe that it it men that are depicted as not interested.

    I’ve been doing some reflecting on this. Yes in the world being patriarchal as it is there is a need for men to be listening to the feelings of women and addressing their conduct when it is inappropriate. However have we got to a point where there is inappropriateness encountered that we have patronised women by making them out to be victims to men’s inappropriateness instead of weighing things up and considering feelings and what is an appropriate administration of justice equally whatever the gender?

    I’m not of the school of thought that to address patriarchy the pendulum needs to swing the other way. I think the pendulum needs to be centred.

    If it swings the other way then I think that pisses people off and is conducive to someone doing like what Christopher Hitchins did a while ago with saying “Why women Aren’t Funny” claiming that all female comedians are “buch” “dykes” or “Jewish” – all forms of emulating what men do (his words not mine).

    So then what happens, the cover of Vanity Fair shows what society considers to be attractive comedians with the women involved saying the are now “playing by the men’s rules”. To which Higgins responds by saying that the article affirms what he was saying, namely that the women emulate the men and also that what has happened as a result of what he has done is that it’s got beautiful women to try harder to amuse him, which is what was his intention all along. Of course it doesn’t do the career any harm of the women involved for getting on the cover of Vanity Fair either.

    So again – human conduct being funny. We’d all be a lot better off if we had a laugh at things that are otherwise taken seriously but are silly.

  2. The cartoon could be depicting a female. The cartoon does not really indicate whether the character in the drawing is male or female.

  3. Hmm looks male to me but I see your point about the character being possibly female too and the intention for the depiction to be male or female.

    The reference I was alluding to also was another cartoon in which women were expressing as women feeling unsafe in a speech bubble with their feelings being ignored by men. I did not wish to engage with that at the time but reflect on the issue first before commenting.

    So I understand if my earlier comment appears not to be in keeping with the theme of this cartoon.


  4. drawing looks male to me. it would have been better to draw a likeness of kaitlyn Jenner…then we could have each made up our own minds concerning the gender.

  5. Has it occurred to anyone that living a lie is a two way street? Grow a spine, cheaters-tell your partner right now and get it over with; then you can either make up or find someone else. Subscribing to sleezy websites like Ashley Madison, G.F. Videos or VIP dating is not worth it: Karma evens the score, eventually.
    Yes, your significant other will be angry, but deep down, they’ll be relieved. Like I said, no one wants to live a lie.

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