Becoming My Most Popular: Women and the Resurrection

"Women and the Resurrection" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Women and the Resurrection” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


This cartoon is rising to become the most popular.

My ERASER cartoon is still #1 though.

I’m amazed when this cartoon is shared, and it gets shared a lot, how many men pop in to try to correct or balance the message of this cartoon.

Which just proves its point.

Happy Easter everyone! And thank you, women!

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5 Replies to “Becoming My Most Popular: Women and the Resurrection”

  1. Some say it was a reportable event…others a transformative awakening.
    Whatever the case, it appears that the women spoke first. Happy Easter!

  2. Hi David,

    I just happened to visit here again after several years. Keeping up the good work, I see.

    Looking at this cartoon reminds me of something I just started reading about yesterday: The Wife of God. I must confess I learned about this idea is the most secular of ways, binging on a NetFlix show called “Lucifer” while my honey was traveling. In there, Yahweh’s wife is brought into the plot. I had never heard of this. So I looked it up. There is a Wiki article on Asherah and much more, so I am starting reading (once addicted to religion, even if religion-free, there is still a curiosity for many of us).

    I found this quote about Asherah in a 2011 NBC article that reminding me of this cartoon:

    “Asherah was not entirely edited out of the Bible by its male editors,” he added. “Traces of her remain, and based on those traces, archaeological evidence and references to her in texts from nations bordering Israel and Judah, we can reconstruct her role in the religions of the Southern Levant.”

    I could visualize a cartoon the male redactors (much like Trump’s) cutting the Goddess out of the ancient text slowly but surely over time till they had the perfect religion for male rulers.

    Anyway, greetings again, mate.

    — Sabio

  3. Just saw this shared on a friend’s FB, it did get alot of discussion and as you expressed in the interview that interpretation of the viewers is wide. Since you are the artist please share ‘who’ the group of men are on the right? Are they the disciples, which is can be more than the 12 apostles; Are they a mixture of the original disciples of Jesus with religious men of the time period; Are they not the disciples but rather other men of that time and following. Sincerely

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