.0002 Reasons to Persecute Gays

".0002 Reasons to Persecute Gays" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward) It is estimated that .0002% of the bible directly references homosexuality. But even those are heavily disputed. I argue that even if a few verses are clear, they are the ancient articulations of an ancient mindset of ancient men in an ancient time in an ancient world. Like all laws we've inherited, we must investigate these to estimate their justice-value today based on new information and developments. Some might insist that gays aren't being persecuted. Persecution doesn't necessarily mean going around hacking homosexuals up with machetes. Although we do know that physical attacks against gays are occurring around the world on a daily basis. Simply, persecution is to annoy, harass, maltreat, oppress or treat someone unfairly on a regular basis because of their beliefs, race, religion or sexuality. This is the common experience of the gay people I know. Also, wouldn't you say the amount of time spent on the .0002% is vastly disproportionate? newsletter    art     community     books
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