10 observations from my personal experiences with narcissists

"Perfect World" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward buy a print of "Perfect World" or any of my art with FREE SHIPPING. Use coupon "shipit"! > I've had dealings with narcissists. Christian leadership is" polluted with them. These are my personal observations from my interactions with narcissists. (Even though there are female narcissists, my experience has been with male ones, so I'll use the masculine.)
  1. He" not only wants you to kiss his" ass, he" expects you will.
  2. He" will give you endless opportunities to do so.
  3. If you refuse to kiss" or you stop" kissing his ass, he will experience complete dismay.
  4. It drives him crazy to see other asses kissed.
  5. He believes you kissing his ass gives him permission to kick yours.
  6. The better you kiss his ass, the higher up the pecking order you may" go.
  7. He will try to silence your stories" about his efforts to make you kiss his ass.
  8. If you don't kiss his" ass, he'll try to destroy you.
  9. His friends who believe" they support" him are actually just kissing his ass too.
  10. He" knows there is" an endless supply of ass-kissers out there, so you're disposable.
I have a list of names of narcissists I've served, and, yes, kissed their asses for a time. Every one of them fit this list to a tee. Are you an ass-kissing survivor? I am. And there are more of us! Join us at The Lasting Supper. (Not all of us have been ass-kissers, but some of us have.) We are a seriously happy bunch too. CHECK US OUT!
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