10 Reasons Why I Listen To Atheists

1. I believe that all voices should be free to speak and to be heard. 2. I believe that they are not afraid to ask some hard questions that I think need asking. 3. I believe that God cannot be scientifically or logically proven, as they insist. 4. I believe they have the ability to expose idiocy that has risen to the level of taboo. 5. I believe their critique of church life can be more objective, therefore more incisive. 6. I believe, as they argue, that the church and the state must be kept separate. 7. I believe I must respect even the strongest opponent of my views and beliefs. 8. I believe, since I have atheist friends, that most mean no harm. 9. I believe they can, like anyone, employ measures that threaten human liberties. 10. I believe that sometimes I have been one myself! These are generalizations, since atheist does not describe a cohesive, homogenous or unified group. Darren Rowse over at Problogger is asking for submissions of lists, which partially inspired this one!

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