10 reasons why promises keep you coming back for more

"Promises, Promises, Promises" (nakedpastor David Hayward)
  1. Churches know that withholding the payout keeps us hooked.
  2. We want to believe the experts in authority over us.
  3. It's exciting to wait for something good to happen.
  4. Often a promise comes with a caveat: you must show up to receive it.
  5. We are desperate for good things to happen in our lives.
  6. We've experienced many failed promises so we want to trust God to deliver on his.
  7. The real world disappoints us so we hope the spiritual world won't.
  8. Promises are like sizzle: where there's sizzle there must be steak.
  9. It's like playing the lottery: we probably won't win, but we play just in case.
  10. There is a legitimate hope in good things unfolding.
I've been on both sides of this pulpit. I've waited and waited and waited for the fulfillment of promises promises promises. For years! I've also given promise after promise after promise. I'm not just talking about the afterlife or heavenly reward or punishment or the benefits of being a good Christian. I'm also talking about revival, renewal and signs of the times, etcetera. In fact, I've been in circles where promises were the main language. It is addictive and effective. But often empty! I came to realize that loving what is... this is what matters. Being here now. Seeing each moment full of the promises, full of benediction, full of blessing. Do any you identify with what I'm talking about? (Thanks to my friend Kevin  for the cartoon idea!) newsletter    art     community     books
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