10 Survival Tips

I think all religious communities, like our earth, are on a collision course with their demise. And it's our own fault, not the "world's". I've been mulling some thoughts around. If we are going to survive into the future, our communities need to:
  1. get and stay small (like the best farms);
  2. be autonomous but accountable to other communities (like tribes);
  3. be indigenous in expression (local creativity and freedom of expression);
  4. see love as the new hermeneutic of our books (instead of obedience, justification, salvation, etc.);
  5. reject even the subtlest forms of coercion (no imposed agendas);
  6. abandon visionary thinking (love without the oppression of expectations);
  7. cultivate thinkers who explore the reconciliation of all things (global intelligence);
  8. commit to long-term or even life-long oversight (relationship);
  9. build an attitude of resistance to success-story thinking (anti-pop);
  10. engage all sciences, religions and philosophies with an open, compassionate and humble mind (dialogue).
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