10 Virtues of the Question

"Questions Not Welcome" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Buy an affordable print of this cartoon HERE!

What are the values of questions? Here are just 10:

  1. Questions are smart. They express a curious intelligence.
  2. Questions are courageous. They challenge authority.
  3. Questions are wise. They open the door to vast frontiers.
  4. Questions are innocent. They only mean harm to harmful ideologies.
  5. Questions are provocative. They upset the status quo.
  6. Questions are non-discriminatory. They can be put by anyone.
  7. Questions are liberating. They free people to think for themselves.
  8. Questions are humble. They undermine presumptions.
  9. Questions are creative. They make new paradigms.
  10. Questions are joyful. They inspire hope in the present for the future.
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