3 Odd Connections

The Lucifer Effect? Dr. Zimbardo writes:
Ordinary people, even good ones, can be seduced, recruited, initiated into behaving in evil ways under the sway of powerful systemic and situational forces.
This might lend itself to the support of some who see human beings as essentially evil. I might've agreed. Not anymore. These three scenarios:
  1. the Dalai Lama's and the Tibetan people's plight;
  2. Karl Barth's stubborn 'No!' to man throughout almost all of his theological career;
  3. Zimbardo's famous Stanford Experiment labelled The Lucifer Effect…
In each of these scenarios they challenge the abuse of position, privilege and power. I will quote Zimbardo again:
I vowed to use whatever power that I had for good and against evil, to promote what is best in people, to work to free people from their self-imposed prisons, and to work against systems that pervert the promise of human happiness and justice.
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