A Challenge for Public Speakers

This was inspired by something I read years ago that I've tried to apply ever since, and that is that I should only speak or teach what I actually believe or know to be true. If there was always such a visible warning displayed to our listeners that we could be talking bull, I think we would be a lot more thoughtful and careful. Give it a shot this Sunday or whenever. I remember my first time, and it was a frightening experience. There were many times I completely stalled. It's still a challenge for me. So, here's a ten point challenge I'm putting out to all of you public speakers out there:
  1. If it doesn't stir your own heart or mind, dump it or work on it until it does.
  2. Talk like you talk at home.
  3. Avoid clichés.
  4. Don't raise your voice, use gestures, or move around just for effect.
  5. Speak as if you are handling mysteries and don't know the whole truth.
  6. Avoid insider language, like "Christianese".
  7. Don't succumb to the pressure to speak what is expected of you.
  8. Share a serious doubt or struggle you yourself are experiencing.
  9. Speak across, not down.
  10. Teach only what you actually know to be true.
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