a deconstruction of the christmas message

I know I put a link to our online community every day, but I don't talk about it at length very often. I'm inviting you to join us. There are over 330 of us presently. Here are the main values you get from being a member:
  1. You will realize you're not crazy. You, with your unique and independent journey, will be validated.
  2. You will get resources to inform your spiritual life that are hard to find because you may be in a kind of no-man's-land.
  3. You will meet others who are experiencing the same kind of things. You will enjoy the community.
  4. You will get encouragement, support, and the possibility of friendship in a safe space where you can be and express yourself.
Some people just lurk. They receive the resources every day and read, listen and watch everything that is provided. Some involve themselves very little. Others are very actively engaged in the project we call The Lasting Supper. In fact, we have a secret Facebook group where about 160 of us engage with each other on a daily basis. And it's only $7/month or $75 per year! Check it out! If you don't find it is what you need, you don't have to stay. Try it for a month. Personally, I love it. SHOP!
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