a few confessions of a pastor

I'm sorry that I expect people to think the same way I do and agree with everything I say.
I'm sorry that I want everybody to be the kind of people I like and would enjoy hanging out with.
I'm sorry that I desire others to keep the same principles that I do.
I'm sorry that I want everyone to like what I like and hate what I hate.
I'm sorry that I think I am wiser than your people.
I'm sorry that I think you're closer to me than to others.
I'm sorry that I assume I'm really serving you while others are really not.
I'm sorry that I see your people as a resource to serve me rather than seeing myself as a resource to serve them.
I'm sorry that I sometimes act like a hireling, ready to run when things get tough, and not a true shepherd.
I'm sorry that I think about money too much and how your people can get more of it for me.
I'm sorry that I use the scriptures as a way to get what I want rather than what you are passionate about.
I'm sorry that I talk about your people like they're trash.
I'm sorry that, because of my own ugliness, I'm blind to the beauty you see in others.
I'm sorry that my love is wrapped in a multitude of conditions.
I'm sorry that I think that you will hear these confessions above every other prayer that is being uttered right now.
I'm sorry that I'm stopping now, when I could go on forever.

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