a girl, a calculator and life choices

I'm so very proud of people who make this sometimes difficult decision in their favor. For the lucky some, they have been given an environment that supports them. For most, their environment is hostile toward change and independence. Everyone has a role to fill, and if you break that expectation you break relationship. For many that's the deal.

I'm also very sensitive toward those who feel trapped, not only in their hostile environment, but also within their own fears to take the risk and escape to freedom. The calculations are serious. The decision is critical. The results can be cataclysmic. I love supporting people through this process if they want or need me to.

The fact that this girl, as young as she is, has bothered to calculate the cost is a sure sign that she's going to decide in her favor.

She who would lose her life will save it. She instinctively knows this to be true.

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