a guide to tell if women are allowed to be pastors

"Women in Ministry Guide" by nakedpastor David Hayward Like this cartoon? Get it for yourself or as a gift for someone you know! Shop Now! This cartoon was inspired by another meme I saw online. It was about whether a toy was for a girl or a boy. Do you operate the toy with your genitals? Yes? Then it's not a toy for children. Do you not operate the toy with your genitals? Then it's either for boys or girls. I liked it so I crossed the message over to the issue of women in ministry. There are people who contact me to inform me that there are a lot of women in ministry, and that there are denominations who accept women into their ministry positions. However, it is obvious, if one is observant enough, that many of the most popular voices in Christendom right now believe women are not suitable for ministry and that they cannot and should not be pastors or even teach a man. Sexism is alive and well I'm afraid. So we can continue to call it what it is.
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