A List of Questions for Unity and Dialog

Here are some serious questions I should consider if I am interested in living in the unity which I believe is already ours yet to be manifested:
  1. Do I truly believe that everyone has the right to their own beliefs or lack thereof?
  2. Can I respect the person, even though I may not respect their ideas?
  3. Do I have the capacity to recognize my own fallacies?
  4. Will it kill me if I were wrong?
  5. Am I able to hold what I believe is truth lightly in the interest of dialog?
  6. Can I overlook and maybe even appreciate the idiosyncrasies of others in order to hear what they have to say?
  7. Am I willing to discern the deeper currents rather than being distracted by the surface ripples?
  8. Can everyone play? In other words, will I not ostracize someone because of their beliefs or lack thereof?
  9. Is personal harm to others the only prohibition I am willing to make?
  10. Do I love all beings, and if not, am I willing?
I could go on, but a list of 10 is a good start.

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