A Plug for "Questions are the Answer"

For some unknown reason, but I'm happy about it, my book Questions are the Answer, is selling again.

This is not my attempt to make money because I've already been paid for it.

I'm just thankful because it's helping so many people.

Here's some of the feedback I got from an 18 year old woman. She describes her traumatic deconstruction, then‚

It was around then that I found your content on Instagram. It was crazy to me; I wasn't alone. I wasn't a heretic. I didn't feel I was deviating--I felt like I was actually heading, somehow, in a good direction. I found comfort in your cartoons. It was like you were articulating visions I had in my head and put them to paper. I started your book last night Questions are the Answer and finished it this morning over coffee. Although you write about the story of your life, in a weird way, it feels like this book was written for me. The content of your experiences is so powerful. I don't feel like I'm crazy anymore. (Allison)

Here's one from another reader:

I'm an old atheist, having abandoned faith at around age 20. But I love this kind of stuff that's less dogmatic and more searching, as well as accepting of gray, and uncertainty and real mystery. I purchased your book for my Kindle only a few days ago. I'm glad it's doing well, and gaining steam. I'm pointing some folk to your book as I write, folk who likewise have left the faith because one of the things they grew to dislike, was the absolute black/white certainty of religious fundamentalism. All fundamentalism is bad. But the unique problem with religious fundamentalism is that fallible humans think that God agrees with their opinions. It's a form of absolute power, and we know what absolute power does. (Roland)

I can't tell you how pleased I am that my book's getting into the hands of some people. I just want to help, and I this book is helping.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

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