a quixotic video clip

A good friend of mine sent me a link this this video clip. As soon as the video clip started I became painfully aware of the video creator's tactic. It's the same old boring straw-man. "Straw-man" is a valid form of argument. First, you set up a caricature of your opposition. You do this because your opposition is so complex that it is necessary to assemble a composite of your opposition. That's the straw-man. Secondly, you attack that in hopes of overcoming the argument of your opposition. Fair! But not in this case, because what the atheist argument is trying to do here is make Christians look stupid because they believe in God. But the problem begins when he hooks much of his argument on the assumption that Christians believe God literally wrote the Bible. Therefore, everything they believe pertaining to their faith is stupid because God didn't literally write the Bible. The problem goes into full bloom when a Christian like me comes along who doesn't believe that God literally wrote the Bible but still believes that God exists. He may have destroyed the straw-man he set up, but in my opinion he did nothing more than tilt his lance at windmills. If every Christian believed that God literally wrote the Bible, then we'd have to take this video clip seriously. The straw-man isn't truly representative. What do you think?

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