a reeking resurrection

There is resurrection after death. I've experienced it many times in my own life. The curious thing about resurrection is that you're never quite sure when it happened or how. For instance, even though I left the professional ministry over a year ago and have gone through a very difficult time since (you can read back over the last year on this blog and get a taste of it), at some point during that difficult time I've come back to life again. And not yet fully. But there is certainly life where there was only death. I've noticed that when you start to awaken the residue of what you died in is still wrapped around you. The smell of decay you experienced still lingers. Even though you feel brand new, there's still a part of you that seems to remain. It is impossible to know which is which. Once you've tasted death you'll never forget it. Once you've tasted resurrection you'll never refuse it... or the death that was its necessary prerequisite. Own the original drawing ($150 USD) email me. Buy a print ($25) email me.
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