A Symptom of Deconstruction: Live and Let Live

"Symptom of Deconstruction" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

A Symptom of Deconstruction: Live and Let Live

Remember the intensity of being an on-fire believer? Try this instead:

1. You’re no longer an evangelist. It was drilled into you that you must be ready to give an answer for the hope you have within you and convert people. The world was a mission field and people were projects! The pressure to share your faith was unrelenting. Now, you don’t have to change anyone’s mind. You don’t have to always be on your game or convert anybody. The pressure’s gone to persuade. You can just be with others as they are as you are.

2. You have your own thoughts. You’re no longer a victim of mind control. No matter what people think, you are still you. You’re an adult and no one should control your thoughts. When you’re with people with different beliefs, you’re an independent thinker. You don’t have to believe their beliefs. They don’t have to believe yours. Your thoughts are yours and it’s your right to have them as it is their right to have theirs.

3. You decide how to relate to others. You thought you always had to engage with people who approached you. You thought you had to agree with them or debate them, to concur or correct them. Now, you choose. You can either engage or not. You can’t be forced into an agreement or an argument. You can step into a conversation or step away. Even if they think you’re rude or unkind or uncaring, it’s your choice whether or not to engage.

We no longer have to change anyone’s mind.
We are in control of our thoughts.
We decide when to engage with others.

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