A Theist and Atheist: Only a Small Space Separates!

A Theist and Atheist: Only a Small Space Separates!

I would like to take this post to honor some sites devoted to atheism that I think are respectful and worth looking at. As you can see from my post on An Anti-Response to An Atheist, with 116 comments so far (not even a prize was offered!!), it is entirely possible to have a congenial discussion between people who radically disagree on an issue. I commend all those who took part in the discussion, and some of the atheist writers and I have agreed that we should continue talking. In fact, as one atheist commented:

"This is the first online conversation I've observed where both sides actually engaged with each other. It's also been refreshingly troll-free. That says a lot about the quality of the online community you attract to your blog, David."

Another wrote to me personally to say,

"I agree that the debate was very interesting and held in a tone of unusual sportsmanship, considering the differing views on display. Both sides are to be commended. I can't help feeling that if all Christians were like you and your readers, there would be no problem."

This is a testiment not only to the sincerity of the atheists who did comment on my post, but also to my regular readers, many of whom are members of my church. All are quality people. The fact is that I agree with much of what atheists are saying, such as we are not aware of any scientific proof of the existence of God; that religion has a bad track-record; that religious people often resort to infantile and circular arguments to support their positions; that the brain is an incredibly complex organ which borrows, creates, and stores our beliefs; etc., etc., etc. So I sincerely look forward to some good discussions.

Here are some links to check out:

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That's it for now. I've invited these atheist bloggers to link to me. So far a load of bright has agreed. Daylight is thinking about it. We'll see what happens with the others.

I took this photograph last Sunday. Lisa and I went to the shore and just walked, threw stones, and talked for the afternoon. This small fishing vessel gently dancing in the brilliant sunlight sparkling on the salty sea spoke beauty and peace to me.

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