Abuse and Silence

"Abuse Policy" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward *** SOMEONE NEEDS YOUR HELP! PLEASE READ! *** ESPECIALLY MALE PASTORS! I Skyped with a new friend of mine yesterday, Ashley Schnarr Easter. I received an email from her the other day asking for help. Here's part of it:
"I've read your blog for a while and have been so encouraged with the way you stand up for abuse victims. "I am working on a conference for the fall on abuse in the church (it's my first ever). It will be for the purpose of encouraging survivors and educating pastors and church leaders. "I'm working on a promotional video where survivors, advocates and pastors say two sentences about abuse and video themselves holding a sign. "I'm having trouble finding male pastors (and survivors) to be willing to do this. Some were nervous about talking about abuse publicly like this. "Would you by chance be able to help me? Would you know anyone else who could?"
So we agreed to Skype and come up with a solution. We talked about why this is the case. Why do church and church leaders who do care about abuse, don't want it to happen under their watch, and would advocate for victims... why are they reluctant to put themselves out there, talk about it, and actually do something about it?
  • Is it because it is shameful to them and to their church?
  • Are they afraid they will be identified with the feminist movement?
  • Do they not wish to cast a shadow on the body of Christ that they love?
  • Do they refuse to admit it is happening?
  • Are they under the impression that if you don't bring it to the light it will go away?
  • Is it risky to talk about it because it might open a Pandora's box of incidents and reports?
Are you willing to help Ashley? Especially if you are a male pastor. Are you willing to contribute to her important project? This is what she needs: We need male pastors to take a few minutes to stand up for abuse victims in the church by helping with a promotional video. Can you help? All she needs is some male pastors to take a couple of seconds to help contribute to her video. Contact her and she will give you instructions. It won't take much of your time at all and it will help a critical cause. HERE'S HER CONTACT INFO: Email Ashley! Her twitter account! Her Facebook business account and her personal Facebook account! Please gentlemen, lend a hand! Thanks for your help.
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