All is Full of Love

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All is Full of Love

"All is Full of Love" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


Someone sent me a message this morning that went something like this: You seem to be against everything. Is there anything you're for? Don't you have any solutions to offer? I replied, "I point out the weeds. If we take care of those the rest will take care of itself." There are positive cartoons and paintings and writings I've done. They're there. But there are a lot of weeds. I really do believe that if we deal with the weeds, it makes room for the good fruit to grow. For many years I knew all is full of love. Then in 2009 I saw it. Then recently I felt it. Just like Björk sings in her beautiful song: All is full of love. I hope you enjoy this cartoon, and your day. Peace, joy, and love to you.

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