all my books for under $15!

These are my four books so far. You can get the eBook versions all for under $15 HERE. You can get them all on Amazon HERE. Personally, I like holding a book in my hands. Especially my Sophia book. It's nice to see the image on one side and the meditation on the other. But they all look really nice on a tablet or mobile device or computer. While I'm at it, I should invite you to our online group, The Lasting Supper. What an amazing community. If you are looking for support and fellowship outside the church walls, then check us out HERE. We have a private Facebook group that, well... ROCKS! Also, I want to let you know that I'm starting to offer larger prints of my art, like Sophia Angel, Metamorphosis, and Steadfast, as well as Jesus Includer and more! They look amazing. Have a great day!
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