all night of nothing much.

I remember going to hear Eugene Peterson speak at a lecture series years ago... on Jonah I think. I remember him saying to "go home and gently take your TV apart with a crowbar!" I agree, and I don't watch much TV. But tonight our kids were out and my wife Lisa and I were left home alone. What we did was sit on the couch together all night and watch TV... crime and investigation shows, a documentary on Nirvana, then House. I like his brutal honesty. It saves lives. Earlier I watched the new dvd release of Miami Vice. I like the movie, inspite of what the critics say. And the soundtrack is spectacular. I downloaded it from iTunes. Unfortunately one of the songs I know I heard in the theater is not included in the official soundtrack. It is "Shape of Things to Come" by Audioslave. I can listen to that soundtrack all day. In fact, I have. Peace out!

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