An Apology to My Accusers

  1. I'm accused of inconsistency. I am not trying to be consistent. I'm trying to be honest. I question the assumption that we can even have a systematic theological comprehension of everything.
  2. I'm accused of not telling people what to believe. I'm not trying to tell people what to believe. I am trying to respect each person's responsibility for their own faith.
  3. I'm accused of being a universalist. I know we are all connected. That we are all one. I'm trying to understand this and articulate it theologically.
  4. I'm accused of being unorthodox. I'm not trying to be orthodox. I want to know the truth for myself for which I can live and die.
  5. I'm accused of not being missional. In fact, I think I am more missional! Believing we are all one, I am trying to find an articulation of this unity that bridges the illusory gaps between me and everyone else, including non-believers.
  6. I'm accused of being too sensitive when people leave our church. I refuse to pretend I'm not hurt. And I refuse to gloss painful experiences over with syrupy spiritualized attempts at denial.
  7. I'm accused of being an enemy of the church. I love the church more passionately than anyone I know. So in regards the church, I won't turn a blind eye.
  8. I'm accused of being confused. I admit I don't understand. Yet. But I'm desperately trying. I am seeking, and in seeking I will find.
  9. I'm accused of being a bad pastor. Actually, I believe most pastors struggle as I do. I just happen to be open about it. But this accusation is my kryptonite: it has the power to permeate my mind and disable me.
  10. I'm accused of pastoring a bad church. These are the most beautiful people in the world. We suffer together, sharing one another's burdens unashamed. Like me, they are more open than most about their struggles.

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