an appeal

I would like to see more people willing to serve the church. I mean serve. I think one of the things most lacking in the church is servers... people who are just willing to serve their fellow human being. But there's a problem: even though we believe in grace, we still get exasperated, disappointed, frustrated, angry and eventually even give up when the people we serve don't measure up to our expecations. Unlike our master who served and served and served until the people he served served him up on a platter and even then he begged for God to forgive them, we serve but stop as soon as the people don't deserve it (or... don't deserve us). Where are those who would serve and serve and serve the church, who would minister, in spiritual language, to the body of Jesus, without even expecting a thank-you? Where are such people?

I'm reminded of Guillaume Farel who pleaded with John Calvin to stay in Geneva to serve the church there and help the city. After much persuasion, Calvin abandoned his own plans to begin a rich but difficult life of service to the church. I confess to you all that I'm not anywhere near serving the church selflessly, but I desire it. And I desire to see others join me in my desire. I guarantee that serving the church will be filled with frustrations. It isn't easy. There are great sacrifices to be made. But someone has to do it! The body of Jesus needs servers. The body of Jesus needs sacrificers. The body of Jesus needs slaves. That's my appeal.

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