Animal Behavior Indicators

I was fooling around today and thought I'd come up with a list of 10 suggestions for keeping your sanity in church, or anywhere for that matter. It's a little on the light side. Have fun!:
  1. Be suspicious of all authority figures, especially those who bullishly claim to be.
  2. If you feel herded and corralled like a breeder cow, break rank and fence.
  3. Trust your animal instincts. Especially if a leader tells you it's wrong to think that way.
  4. If someone insists she's a sheep, sniff for a wolf.
  5. If you are told it is for your own good, turn on your heels like a spooked coyote and run!
  6. Don't be the eternal optimist who, furiously digging through all the manure, exclaimed, "There just MUST be a horse in here somewhere!" There is no horse.
  7. If you think you smell a rat, you smell a rat.
  8. If a leader acts like a weasel, then he or she's a weasel.
  9. Peacocks and pulpits do not belong together.
  10. If a leader uninvited roots around in your personal life like a pig for truffles, kick him in the snout.
I'm a pastor so I can say these things. The fine art photograph is the creation of my friend Mark Hemmings and is from his Snow Monkey series.
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