Another one of my songs: "Are You There?"

I wrote this song some time ago to commemorate what for me was the end of a great illusion, or at least I hope most of it, in the efficacy of hype in our church life. When all the fun is gone, and nothing has gone according to plan, what is left? That's what this song's about. I'm singing, with Ellen singing background. Here are the lyrics:
ARE YOU THERE? When I kneel all alone, and the answers won't come, and my soul's cold as stone, are you there? When my mind's caving in, and my heart's soaked in sin, and my eyes have grown dim, are you there? chorus: I believe, I believe. Please help my unbelief. I'll trust you, I'll trust you Lord. By faith I, by faith I hang on your every word. Help me Lord, help me believe. When I lie on my bed, and the darkness instead of the light fills my head, when the feelings don't come that were promised by some, and my life's come undone, are you there?

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