another proposal about community

Even though I recognize that all proposals are falsifiable, I do however propose: We are one. Our unity is our fundamental, primary, foundational, essential and inherent fact. A spiritual community, in my mind, is the local, geographical, temporal manifestation of this reality. Expressions of community are particular incidences of this rudimentary reality. How well or poorly it lives up to this is another matter. If it doesn't, then it isn't true community. As a pastor of a local Christian church, my challenge is how to reflect this universal reality while at the same time being recognized by others as Christian. I am beginning to suspect that the more an individual and a community reflects this universal reality, the less they might be recognized as Christian by mainstream Christianity, as well as others who have expectations of what "Christian" is. Because our unity isn't made by shared belief or history or lifestyle, a truly universal community will be diverse in lifestyles, tastes, opinions, beliefs, etc., if it truly wishes to exemplify the universal unity in diversity that the metaphorical term "the kingdom of God" means. Even in my little local congregation that has a very defined identity within a very defined strand of Christianity, the diversity of beliefs abounds. Let it be. Our unity was established and is found elsewhere.

The image is a watercolor I did recently. Measures 5"x7" (13cm x 18cm). SOLD.

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